Gosh It's Been Five Months!

Hi there, blog! *cleaning all the spider's web and dusting all surfaces in this blog*

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! AND YEAH I AM COMPLETELY AWARE THAT IT'S ALREADY APRIL BUT WHATEVS. Hehehehe.. so yeah, I'm alive! I'm back! All in one piece and ready to roll! So what happened during my hiatus? Let's jotted them all in list, because I love list! Here goes...
  • At the end of October until the beginning of November, my friend and I went for a quick getaway to Jakarta. We went to some museums, Monumen Nasional, Dufan, Kota Tua, Fatahillah Museum, Batavia Cafe, et cetera. We also went to some malls like Central Park, Gandaria City, Lotte Shopping Avenue (I met Sunny! Yay!), and went ice skating on Mall Taman Anggrek. That was a lot, I know.
  • December 4th was my 22nd birthday. I got a lot of present from my friends. Yay!
  • On January 2014, me and the debate team went to Salatiga, Center Java, to attend the Indonesian Varsity English Debate. It was held in Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana. Salatiga is a really beautiful city. It sits at the foot of Mount Merbabu and Mount Telomoyo, thus the climate is sooooo cool. We don't even need aircon in our room because it was already cool. After the event, we went to Semarang and pay a visit to the most historical place, Lawang Sewu. It is well-known by the spooky history behind it. Will definitely post about it later.
  • On February 2014, me and the debate team joined the 2014 Asian English Olympics held by Binus University, Jakarta. After the event, we went to Kota Tua, Central Park, and went for ice skating again on Mall Taman Anggrek, and on the last day we went to Pondok Indah Mall.
  • The highlight of them all happened on March 2014. It was my graduation day! Yes, yes, I am a bachelor in communication science now! Whee~ Will definitely post about those happy days later!
And today is April 9th. Indonesia has their election day today. Looking back the past years, we have to admit that this political shiz in Indonesia is getting worse day by day. Thus, I really hope that Indonesians learnt from that experience and care enough to give their vote to people or party who really deserves it. *crossing fingers*
Okay, that's that for now. I will be back here sooner (than five months) to update some of my stories. Later, blog!


The Planner's Plans

Hello folks! Here is some of the things that I am currently doing.

flyers are created by me

Beside arranging an event in the middle of thesis and debate practice for another competitions (with 's' - plural), I also have to deal with my swimming routine, uncertain classes, and, since there is a flyover construction near my campus, traffic jam. Being pretty busy and have lots of things to do instead of just hanging around in my room refreshing the Instagram feed makes me feel alive than ever. Sweet life, right? Take care, folks. I'll see ya later! :D


Tell Them That It's (Almost) My Birthday

It doesn't feel like my birthday is coming until I post my things-I-want-for-my-birthday.... which usually I fulfilled by myself :p Seriously, I already planned to buy two or three things from the list by myself. I just love making lists and nope, I'm not procrastinating since I don't have any assignments coming :D Anyway, here you go, my (pretty pricey) 22nd birthday wishlist!

 Pictures from the link on each caption
  1. Stella Floral Black and Nicole Coal from UP shoes. I already marked those baby as my favorite items on the store. Pretty, pretty babies! :D
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. I am still in love with my current Galaxy Tab 2 10.0, unfortunately it is too heavy and not so traveling-friendly for me. Thus, I already plan myself to get a lighter tablet... and voila! the newest Galaxy Tab is here. I notice that there are improvement on the cameras too. Awesome.
  3. Sony Walkman NWZ-E464. I know, I wrote this a year ago. I know, I still have not splurge my money on this baby. I know, I regret it :|
  4. Floral backpack. In black. My current just-throw-every-things-in-it backpack was a gift for and from myself for my last birthday. I've been abusing it a lot so now I am eyeing this cutie one from Bonjour, a local brand from Indonesia. Such a catchy pattern and don't you think the floral match the shoes from #1? Supernice, huh? :D
  5. Sleek Make Up i-Divine Au Naturel palette via Luxola. Too bad it's already sold out on there. Need to wait patiently until it's in stock again.
  6. Sabrina Black bag from Ciciero. I worn out my old black sling bag that my mom bought me about two years ago. I am looking for a black shoulder bag which comes with a long sling strap and it is also need to be pretty big because I need it to carry my tab, camera, wallet, planner, and make up pouch. This Sabrina is so chic and everything I need in a bag!
  7. This Casio watch. Because I need a real proper watch and of course because, you know.. Lee Soon-Kyu. Tee-hee :3
  8. A steady job. Hi, I'm a final year Communication student. I have a few working experiences and a lot of willingness to work hard. Trust me, you need me in your company.
  9. Watch RED tour. On Dec 4th. Right on my 22nd birthday. So I could sing '22' at the top of my lungs with Miss Taylor Swift.
  10. A bubble blower. To ease my broken heart because I know that I couldn't afford #9. Yeah, I did the count since months ago. Come and get me my bubble blower, pretty please. And give me some time alone. :p
I feel like putting a HD external and a Wacom on the list, but I don't really need it yet. I also want a puppy, but I think it's too late since I'm going to graduate and hopefully pursue my Master soon, thus I won't have enough time to take care of the puppy. And I know I didn't put the birthday cake on the list because blowing my birthday candles is kinda like a ritual for me, so maybe I'll just buy a cake and blow it by myself :p

Yeah, I take my list seriously. Like, seriously. *deadly stare*


Heart By Heart

Hi, my name is Yoan, I have the specialty to update my blog once every two months or so, and I am still alive! Yay. Life has been sooo much ups and downs and I am so busy enjoying every secs of it. For example...
  • The internship report that I talked about here... yup, nailed it.
  • I got a 4.00 GPA. Again. Super happy! Thank You, God!
  • I am being bullied. Again. Oh well at least it's the last semester. Just totally confuse how come some people be so extremely mean? Life's tough, bro.
  • I shopped a lot. Like A LOT. Since the last time I updated this blog, I already bought two pairs of new shoes, a bag, 4 new tops, make up and skin care products.
  • I now have a swimming pool membership. And swim regularly. I also try to eat clean and lost some pounds. Gonna do more healthy things for sure.
  •  A huge national television channel use two of my pictures without giving its credit. So sad because in the end after a pretty long discussion and emails, they still won't give the credit to me. More details are coming in another post, I guess.
  • Out of curiousity, joined this competition, made it to the next level but decided to turned it down because I am now in my last semester and need to be focus on my mini thesis.
  • I am now doing my mini thesis and my research is something that I really like. Totally hope I could nailed it on time with a great result.
  • I might have not post it yet, but on June, I got the opportunity to visit Batam, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.
  • Oh and I am going to Jakarta tomorrow. Definitely will shop and take a lot of photos. :D

No matter how annoying some people in my life could be, no matter how many times I thought I will never be good enough, reminiscing those points while I'm typing this post makes me awake and realize one thing, I'm blessed. And I need to remember it more often.

Thank you for reading, people! I'll see y'all later... hopefully in less than two months :p
God bless us.

Ps. : Have you ever heard 'Heart By Heart' by Demi Lovato? It's a soundtrack from The Mortal Instruments. The song is really different from Demi's other songs. I'm currently listening it in repeat for days. :p


JAKARTA // Wander, Shop, Graduation Day

Some things we did in Jakarta back on May, 2013.

from left to right:
  • Flew to Jakarta alone due to the canceled plan of a competition and the tix is non-refundable but negotiable. If you know what I mean.
  • Day 1, mom was forcing us to take a pic using the information panel on Plaza Senayan.
    P.s. : the pic will be sent to your email.
  • Day 2, went to Mall of Indonesia (MoI), had some fun with the creepy statues.
  • Found a carousel on MoI. Too bad I don't (and won't) do an indoor carousel. Outdoor is the best. Booyah.
  • Still on day 2, have lunch on Mall Taman Anggrek (MTA), my favorite mall, ever.
  • Me, after a wee bit of touch up from NYX Beauty Advisor. Bought the soft matte lip cream, Amsterdam. Finally found the perfect red. Oh and I swear the shopping bags are belongs to my dad.
  • Day 4, my brother's graduation day. He's the one in blur because I hesitated to took a good pic of him.
  • What is graduation day without some cake, aite? Rainbow and red velvet from the JCC cafe. The taste is awesome. The after-taste was suck. Talked about the price and tax, huh.
  • Flew back to Palembang on day 5 and served by the parade of cotton candy clouds.